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Pelly Haylands Trust (PHL)

Band Development Vote November 10, 2020 @ TKFN Saulteaxplex: 

2020.11.10 Notice of Meeting

The Key First Nation is also responsible for maintaining and administering the Pelly Haylands Trust according to the Trust Agreement, in conjunction with the RBC Trustee.

Download a copy of the PHL Trust Agreement

Band Development Vote November 10, 2020 @ TKFN Saulteaxplex: 2020.11.10 BDR Notice of Meeting

Band Development Vote November 8, 2019 @ TKFN Saulteauxplex:

Notice of Meeting -Schedule D - PHL Band Development Vote November 8

For more information on the PHL Trust, contact Roxane Brass at r.brass@keyband.ca

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