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Since the middle of the 19th century, Chief The Key and his followers had resided in the vicinity of the Shoal River in southwestern Manitoba. Their homeland was part of the territory covered by the terms of Treaty 4 in 1874, although The Key Band did not adhere to treaty until September 1875. They had some ground under cultivation by the time of their adherence to treaty, and obtained reserve status in 1878, when some 31,000 acres of land were surveyed for them at Swan River. In 1880, officials of the Department of Indian Affairs declared that the likelihood of annual flooding made the location of the reserve unsuitable and the Band was relocated to the Fort Pelly district, about 90 miles to the southwest to its current location.

Our Vision

The purpose of The Key First Nation Council is to Lead, Direct and Provide programs and services that meet the needs of all The Key First Nation Members.

Our Mission

Protection and Enhancement of our Treaty and Inherent rights and we are seen as being fair in the provision of programs and services to The Key First Nation band members.

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