Learning Agreement Goethe Uni

By completing your learning agreement, you create an individual course plan. At the University of Stuttgart, there are no fixed courses that Erasmus+ students have to take. We ask that you discuss with your home university what is expected of you. Some of our partner institutions require a minimum of ECTS points. Study Confirmation Period (pdf) (arrival) – is displayed in your participant account as soon as the grant agreement has been confirmed as correct. Please have it validated (signed AND pointed) at the international office of your host institution or at the specialized coordinator. The Learning Agreement form is provided by your home institution. Please make sure the agreement is signed by changes to the initial learning agreement – If changes are needed to your initial learning agreement, once you have arrived at the host institution, you will find the changes to the learning agreement template in your participating account. This is only possible after the arrival certificate has been verified as correct. Once you arrive in Frankfurt, you can change your originally proposed study programme by completing the form “Curriculum Changes/Learning Agreement” initially proposed.

Please contact your service coordinator directly through the completed “Changes” form. The Learning Agreement is your study programme for your stay in Stuttgart. This is a form that you receive from your home university where you enter the courses you wish to take at the University of Stuttgart. It will then be signed by your home university and the Erasmus+ Study Advisor at the University of Stuttgart. It is possible to modify a learning agreement after arrival if necessary. Amendments must be approved by both universities. Final Grant Agreement – an updated version of the original grant agreement. It will be made available in your participant account as soon as the confirmation of the duration of the study has been verified, the start and end date is updated and the amount of the aid is recalculated. Please read and sign your final grant agreement and upload it to your account….