Discharge Of Section 75 Agreement

However, there will be nothing that prevents the developer from simply introducing a one-sided section 75 as an opening range. The time that has been put in time in the context of in-depth negotiations with the institutions could theoretically be eliminated. The Developer may submit an agreement entered into in accordance with Section 75 with the details of the land in question and the planning gains package that the Developer is willing to offer. This will then be made available to the Committee for consideration. In case of refusal, the developer can use the terms of the agreement in each opposition. However, a significant fly in the ointment is the lack of presentation agreements or “standard” under Section 75 in most local authorities in Scotland. In England, on the other hand, this concept is well developed and the developer`s lawyer only has to download the white agreement on the Authority`s website and complete the Blanks. With very few “standard” documents in Scotland, the starting point of the agreement is harder to reach.