Boomi Software Agreement

11. Other Matters. (a) If the customer uses a boomi service associated with the creation and hosting of outward-facing websites, the customer will comply with applicable legislation when using cookies or other tracking technologies on these sites. If Boomi is required to take any action because the Customer or its third-party users violate the applicable laws or rights of third parties, the Customer will fully cooperate with any legal obligations or Instructions of Boomi and will immediately remove any illegal or offensive content from customer systems. Boomi may also disable the Boomi Flow content or service (as it is called) or an app that interacts with it until the potential infringement is corrected. Boomi can (for example.B. through a marketplace or otherwise), provide third-party products or services, including non-boomi flow applications and implementation and other consulting services. A “non-boomi Flow” application means a web or offline software application provided by the customer or a third party that interagulates with the undersold Boomi Flow service, including, for example, an application developed by or for the customer or appearing on a marketplace, i.e. an online directory, catalog or marketplace of applications that collaborate with boomi Flow services. BiZZdesign, the leader in business transformation software, has entered into an OEM agreement with Boomi in which BiZZdesign will use Boomi`s integration platform (iPaaS). 6. Safeguards and remedies. Boomi warrants that the corresponding boomi services during the term of an order (i) essentially correspond to the applicable documentation (the “Operating Warranty”); and (ii) be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with the exception of scheduled maintenance, installation of updates and factors that are not under Boomi`s proper control, as described in boomis SLA (the “Availability Guarantee”).

Customer`s sole exclusive remedy and Boomi`s exclusive commitment in the event of a breach of the Operating Guarantee or Availability Guarantee is that Boomi has remedied or reasonably agreed to circumvention for boomi services and boomi service level credits in accordance with THE EXPLICIT SAFEGUARDS AND REMEDIES SET OUT IN THIS SECTION ARE THE ONLY SAFEGUARDS AND REMEDIES THAT CAN BE RECOVERED.