Qb License Agreement

QuickBooks 2015 and 2014 Users: Enter your activation ID and get your 15-digit license key here. If you bought an eBook, you already have your license key! Check your email address. You can only exchange your activation ID once. When reinstalling, use the license key you received when you first used your activation ID. Don`t try to use your activation ID more than once. 4.1. Maximum values for simultaneous users. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the release of the software granted and the number of user licenses you pay, as described in point 3.1.3. above, you can use multiple authorized users who have the right to simultaneously access the Software (or simultaneously access a business file) on a network up to a maximum number of licensed users, as shown in the table below. Unauthorized use of the Software (or simultaneous access to a business file) by more than the maximum number of authorized (or concomitant) users authorized for this specific version of the Software or beyond your paid licenses may result in software loss, performance loss, errors and/or data loss and may be considered a substantial violation of this agreement: 4.3. Maximum limits for list entries. When you purchase a software license, there may be restrictions on the number of lists, list entries and custom fields, depending on the software editing and operating system platform (Windows or Mac) that are allowed for each list of your business data file based on your software version. More information can be found on the software website or in the package or installation manual.

In the software, you can also press the F2 button to view certain product information, including the version of the QuickBooks Desktop software you run, the size and location of your business file, and the number of lists or the number of entries you have in your lists. 7.2. The use of services may require additional conditions. Services, including but not limited to the pay slip for office services or other services, applications, tools, features and subscriptions, may be accompanied by (and continuous use or use subject to this Contract and your acceptance) separately pure, conditions and conditions, and payment of all applicable fees. 2.1 Services are protected by copyright, trade secrets and other intellectual property laws.