Penalties For Violating Custody Agreement

Any person who “does not intentionally comply with any custody order may be found to be disdainful, in accordance with the general rule” pursuant to Section 5323 (g) (1) of the Pennsylvania Statutes. You cannot change your agreement with your former spouse yourself. But you can require the court to grant an amendment to the agreement to better meet the needs of your family. A family lawyer can help you design a new agreement that works for you and your former spouse and then take it to court. There are two ways to change the child care system in Pennsylvania. Another type of custody order issued by a judge of the estate and family court is sole custody. Under such regulations, a child lives with a parent. The non-custodian parent has access to appropriate education time. This includes visiting, unless such interaction is not in the best interests of the child. We are here to help you maintain the relationship you want with your child through a court custody and forced visit agreement. If you need help, please contact Quest Law PLLC to learn more about protecting your legal rights. Custody or visitation disputes can have legal effects and consequences for both parents. Most importantly, they can put the child in situations that are not ideal for them.

By law, an estate judge who determines the best interests of a child must determine whether there is evidence of past or present abuse of marriage or abuse before granting temporary or permanent custody of the children. Other “Best Interests” factors that are taken into account by judges are that a parent is a primary caregiver, a child`s relationship with both parents and whether it is abandonment or substance abuse. If a child is mature enough, a housing preference is requested. The child visit is about a parent`s rights to visit or have the child with them for a short period of time. In most cases, this relates to the rights of the un custody parent. Since they do not have custody of the child most of the time, courts may grant them certain schedules that they can visit with the child, for example. B on weekends or every other week. Violations of child custody can have serious consequences and are incredibly frustrating for the party involved in these violations. Violations of custody of children may lead to the charge liable for the violation. The courts expect that child custody agreements will be respected by all parties and can severely punish those who do not comply with the Court`s guidelines.

Depending on the particular circumstances, the parent may also be threatened with criminal sanctions. Virginia Code 18.2-49.1 makes it a Class 6 crime for any person to knowingly and deliberately deprive a child of a parent or legal guardian in a clear and serious violation of a custody and visitation decision.